Eco-Friendly Gift

Help the environment and support charities just by visiting our salon! Bring the GIVE bottle or your own reusable water bottle each time you visit to earn a FREE eco-friendly gift and we will also donate up to 70cents to charities!

From April 22, 2019 to October 31, 2019
68 plastic bottles saved!


ClientBottles Saved
1.    Denise V6
2.    Phung CPA 5
3.    Amber K2
4.    Kaitlin C2
5.    Cindy F1
6.    Sarah F1
7.    Sharon G1
8.    Debbie W1
9.    Chris W1
10.    Kelly S1

Our goal is to be more environmental friendly. Our first target is the all too common plastic water bottles. Currently, we offer all clients plastic water bottles when they come in however we are trying to encourage clients to bring a re-usable water bottle. So, semi-annually, clients who visit our salon and bring with them our GIVE bottle 4 times or more in the previous 6 months will receive a very awesome environmental friendly gift! In addition to the gift, we will donate money to charities. See our GIVE Charities Program for details.

The GIVE bottle is a 25oz re-usable aluminum water bottle. The GIVE bottle can be purchased in store for $5.00 of which 35% of bottle sales go to charities. We occasionally will give these bottles for free during special events

We track the same way as we currently track the LOVE 5% Rewards. We have an option to track during the check out process. Semi-annually, we add up how many times each client brings in their GIVE bottle.

With some states banning single use grocery plastic bags, we are thinking of gifting high quality re-usable shopping bags. We would also like to gift re-usable straws (perhaps stainless steel).

The catch is you have to bring the GIVE bottle (or your own reusable bottle with our ECO-FRIENDLY GIFT sticker) every time you visit our salon. It is our hope that you continue to use the GIVE bottle in your daily activities such as going to the gym, shopping, bringing it on vacation, bringing it to work, etc, and hopefully you spread the word about our salon.

ClientBottles Saved
1.    Denise V6
2.    Phung CPA 5
3.    Amber K2
4.    Kaitlin C2
5.    Cindy F1
6.    Sarah F1
7.    Sharon G1
8.    Debbie W1
9.    Chris W1
10.    Kelly S1
11.    Hilary L1
12.    Deanna S1
13.    Soheila P1
14.    Ann O1
15.    Glena H1
16.    Leah 1
17.    Mary Beth K1
18.    Rachel M1
19.    Claudia F1
20.    Mindy L1
21.    Anna 1
22.    Cindy R1
23.    Debbie B1
24.    Tania W1
25.    Stephanie S1
26.    Ana C1
27.    Christine B1
28.    Myriam S1
29.    Jordan S1
30.    Elizabeth A1
31.    Marilyn K1
32.    Marissa O1
33.    Natalie G1
34.    Taylor S1
35.    Julie F1
36.    Sherri E1
37.    Dani C1
38.    Stacey K1
39.    Kendra H1
40.    Jennifer R1
41.    Courtney H1
42.    Julie C1
43.    Brenna K1
44.    Janet J1
45.    Brenda D1
46.    Daisy H1
47.    Peg G1
48.    Caitlin W1
49.    Jenna J1
50.    Holly W1
51.    Steph K1
52.    Cheryl H1
53.    Ariana M1
54.    Dee M1
55.    Macy P1
56.    Leslie S1
57.    Paige R1
58.    Dana K0
59.    Beth J0
60.    Christine K0
61.    kristy S0
62.    Beth S0
63.    Whitney J0
64.    Paige L0
65.    Kelly S0
66.    Nikki E0
67.    Shannon 0
68.    Baillie W0
69.    Sheila B0
70.    Jade R0
71.    Nadia C0
72.    Gail S0
73.    Wendy S0
74.    Ada A0
75.    Kathryn G0
76.    Samantha S0
77.    Mandy L0
78.    Kelly D0
79.    Cassandra E0
80.    Katie L0
81.    Vedika S0
82.    Sylvia G0
83.    Linette L0
84.    Amy V0
85.    Roberta S0
86.    Valerie N0
87.    Meliza M0
88.    Sarah M0
89.    bailey G0
90.    Kaleigh A0
91.    Jennifer S0
92.    Cheryl V0
93.    Judie W0
94.    Vicki P0
95.    Ann B0
96.    Leann S0
97.    Cyndi F0
98.    Emiko S0
99.    Tina S0
100.    Tina R0