GIVE Charities

Help the environment and support charities just by visiting our salon! Bring the GIVE bottle or your own reusable water bottle each time you visit to earn a FREE eco-friendly gift and we will also donate up to 70cents to charities!

Since May 2019, our salon donated $350!

From December 9, 2020 to December 8, 2021
$26.90 for charities!

1.    Julie F$4.90
2.    Denise V$4.90
3.    Dee M$2.50
4.    Joie M$1.60
5.    Heather K$1.60
6.    Stephanie D$1.60
7.    Yvette M$1.60
8.    Karli M$0.90
9.    Cheryl H$0.90
10.    Trista P$0.40

Each time a client visits our salon AND brings with them our GIVE bottle (or any reusable bottle with a sticker), we will donate anywhere from 10-70cents per visit. Top 20 clients will have their first name and last initial mentioned in the memo of the donated checks! (unless client requests to be excluded).

The GIVE bottle is a 25oz re-usable aluminum water bottle. The GIVE bottle can be purchased in store for $5.00 of which 35% of bottle sales go to charities. We occasionally will give these bottles for free during special events

We track the same way as we currently track the LOVE 5% Rewards. We have an option to track during the check out process. Semi-annually, we add up how many times each client brings in their GIVE bottle.

Currently, we have University of Denver Bridge Project, Denver Rescue Mission, Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and the Alzheimer’s Association. We will split the donation evenly among the four. Send us a message if you would like to nominate a charity

The catch is you have to bring the GIVE bottle (or your own reusable bottle with our ECO-FRIENDLY GIFT sticker) every time you visit our salon. It is our hope that you continue to use the GIVE bottle in your daily activities such as going to the gym, shopping, bringing it on vacation, bringing it to work, etc, and hopefully you spread the word about our salon.

First visit in the 6 month period is 10 cents. Second visit is 20 cents. Third visit is 30 cents and so forth up to 70 cents per visit.

Good question. Each time we write a check to a charity, we will retrieve the check copy from our bank after the charity deposits. We will have a binder of check copies in the salon for everyone to browse through.

Based on the previous six months’ visits from October 2018 to March 2019, if all clients participated in the program & remembered to bring the GIVE bottle, we estimate the amount would be around $800. In reality, we think not all clients will participate or remember the bring the GIVE bottle so the amount will be less.

1.    Julie F$4.90
2.    Denise V$4.90
3.    Dee M$2.50
4.    Joie M$1.60
5.    Heather K$1.60
6.    Stephanie D$1.60
7.    Yvette M$1.60
8.    Karli M$0.90
9.    Cheryl H$0.90
10.    Trista P$0.40
11.    Danielle K$0.40
12.    Bonita L$0.40
13.    Cindy T$0.40
14.    Linette L$0.40
15.    Rayann O$0.40
16.    Kami V$0.10
17.    Kelsi M$0.10
18.    Misti W$0.10
19.    Paige P$0.10
20.    Jenny T$0.10
21.    Rebecca T$0.10
22.    Roberta S$0.10
23.    Louise W$0.10
24.    Sherri E$0.10
25.    Kaitlin C$0.10
26.    Shawna F$0.10
27.    Dusty D$0.10
28.    Caroline C$0.10
29.    Jenny E$0.10
30.    Deanna H$0.10
31.    Esty A$0.10
32.    Kim U$0.10
33.    Ronda C$0.10
34.    Alexa R$0.10
35.    Alexis F$0.10
36.    Janet c$0.10
37.    Stacy S$0.10
38.    Steph K$0.10
39.    Laura Z$0.10
40.    Jenni N$0.10
41.    Bella D$0.10
42.    Trinity L$0.10
43.    Courtney M$0.10
44.    Brittany M$0.10
45.    Brenna K$0.10
46.    Sandy V$0.10
47.    Kassie L$0.10
48.    Melanie M$0.10
49.    Cindy V$0.10
50.    Brooksie L$0.10
51.    Allyson L$0.10
52.    Elizabeth R$0.10
53.    Phung N$0.10
54.    Angela N$0.10
55.    Rachel T$0.10
56.    Christine M$0.00
57.    Melissa W$0.00
58.    Natalie H$0.00
59.    Mary A$0.00
60.    Lexi R$0.00
61.    Nickole F$0.00
62.    Samantha G$0.00
63.    Jasmin B$0.00
64.    Juli$0.00
65.    Megan J$0.00
66.    Cassie P$0.00
67.    Angela G$0.00
68.    Erin S$0.00
69.    Mary T$0.00
70.    Bette D$0.00
71.    Tracy Z$0.00
72.    Ivanka S$0.00
73.    Camille J$0.00
74.    Pam R$0.00
75.    Jenia G$0.00
76.    Kim W$0.00
77.    Jody J$0.00
78.    Shelley H$0.00
79.    Allison A$0.00
80.    Rachael H$0.00
81.    Megan J$0.00
82.    Reshma G$0.00
83.    Laurie B$0.00
84.    Becky T$0.00
85.    Tina P$0.00
86.    Jenna R$0.00
87.    Kailee R$0.00
88.    Elizabeth A$0.00
89.    Ivette R$0.00
90.    Kim T$0.00
91.    Sade G$0.00
92.    Shelly P$0.00
93.    Mae M$0.00
94.    Hayley M$0.00
95.    Amy O$0.00
96.    Cathy G$0.00
97.    Carolyn M$0.00
98.    Norma A$0.00
99.    Mikayla L$0.00
100.    Rachel W$0.00